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June 02 2015

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this is like…..the most positive compilation of trending news i’ve ever seen on facebook

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My room decorated with Kaoru Hasegawa and Natali Koromoto works! I love this part of my place.

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I want to make an infomercial where it’s not clear what the guy’s selling. Like he’s demonstrating how powerful this vacuum is by sucking up a bowling ball but then he starts showing you how strong the bowling ball is by dropping it on some knives, but then he’s showing how the knives haven’t been damaged at all by using them to cut through some shoes and it goes on and on for two hours then just loops back to the start while a number flashes on screen the whole time and if you call it it just echoes whatever you say back to you.


members of my squad:

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May 31 2015

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Not adding voice chat was definitely the right choice, Nintendo.

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support post for geminis





i support yall staying the hell away from me

say that to my face bitch

which one? :)


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If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will? 

Photos via Crack Two


It’s really too bad I do not have before/after photos of what happened to my catnip plant.  At the time of its death, it was 2 ft tall and 2 ft wide.  It was a big happy plant.

Then I went away for the weekend, leaving my very pregnant cat in the apartment.  (With a box in a quiet place, since I figured she might pop while I was away.)

I came back to a container of dirt on the table, no catnip left to speak of, and a very stoned cat under the bed…and five very extremely stoned and baffled bitty balls of fluff kittens who had no idea why the world was so far out, man.

Mommy and babies were stoned for a week straight.

Whooaa. Duuude

Not gonne lie, there was ugly cackling reading that story.

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Vintage Pokemon Gold & Silver Commercial

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why did 6 wanna fuck 7

cuz 7 8 ass

May 29 2015

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Holy fuck

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no offense but buy me these

holy shit dude

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