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One's heart Of Soul

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Hide and Seek is a wonderful game to play with your children. The next occasion you play this game observe what happens. If you are the person hiding your view and counting to 10, feel what happens to your heart as you look for children.

If you pay attention, my hunch is that your heart and imagination will help increase. Since you cannot see your children in front of you, a movement from the perceptual world into the intuitive world becomes your path into soul. You are, now, being guided from inside. In soul, you will feel your heart come alive. You will feel your cardiovascular system open. And, you will experience your heart become ONE with your children.

one Feel Your Heart.

Close your eyes and place your attention on your heart and soul. Look at your heart from within using the inner vision of your mind, and not, the deals you use in the material world. This simple act of noticing and adding your attention on your heart enables you to feel your heart.

2 . Feel Your personal Heart Open.

The next time you hug someone you care deeply about, truly feel how warm and open your heart becomes. It is a similar feeling you have when you receive good news or visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time. An open center is able to receive the love and attention of another person who wants the same. This good receiving and giving love connect hearts as one cohesive unit.

3. A new Unified Heart.

A heart in unity with the world, itself, and others all around it knows wholeness. Wholeness is the feeling of being ONE with all that is living and well. It is the feeling of being loved, blessed, known, and cared for. That feeling of being connected to the unified whole called the universe is our ability to distinguish beyond our own individualized selves. This transcendent state of being creates an awareness of what exactly infuses our heart with eternal love.


Notice what happens when you have fun with Hide and Seek with a small child. The closer you get to finding these individuals, the more you will feel your heart. Your heart will open to a approach of expression and experience where physical eyesight is no longer necessary. This helping force enabling you to feel your heart, allow your heart to open, and create a course merging two hearts as ONE is the heart of soul.

Sam Oliver, article author of, “A Fish Named Ed”

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